Offering Aerial Yoga Teacher training, with some modules delivered online and the practical component delivered face to face.

Testimonial - Elisabeth Lucke

The Fundamentals Teacher Training with Tracy Hill was outstanding. I would recommend this training to anyone from any other physical discipline keen to expand their repertoire. We even had two complete beginners to physical training who enjoyed the challenge, and succeeded in achieving every milestone along the way. The four days gave me multiple delivery options and complete safety training. Without becoming too theoretical it also covered off multiple levels of physical impact and great options for further learning.
Aerial Yoga Instructor Tracy Hill

Hi, I'm Tracy Hill

I am a qualified functional movement therapist and anti-gravity teacher. My focus is on developing a training that delivers deep restorative practices that help the world to take a breath and unwind.

I founded Flow Movement Space in 2016, through a lifetime love of movement. I was a Ballet dancer from the age of 3, loving the grace, fluidity and the ability to loose myself. I studied classical Ballet up until the age of 21. After becoming a mother to 5 children I went looking for a movement practice that was a bit nicer to my knees and ankles.

After being introduced to Aerial Yoga in 2013, by Airspace in Leederville, I knew this was the movement I was looking for: fluid, graceful and the perfect place to be transported somewhere else, even just for a moment. 

I have completed 5 modules of Antigravity Training, a post graduate certificate in Aerial Therapeutics, Mat Yoga Teacher Training in Yin and Hatha, SOMA Movement Training, Structural Integration training ....and the list goes on. I have thousands of hours in learning, and teaching behind me in order to deliver world class training.

The introduction of the new Flow Space in Broome, meant I could share my love of movement with residents and visitors to Broome so perhaps they too will fall in love with this graceful, yet challenging movement form. The birth of the new space seeks to help its clients to slow down, honour their bodies whilst challenging themselves to achieve things they never thought possible. 

In 2019, Flow Movement Space changed hands to a new owner, who continues to allow the space to develop and grow to become an even deeper immersion space for the community where like minded individuals can gather and share information and knowledge and where participants can come to live, feel and move better.